Blueberry miss


So I am wack, if you haven’t realised. At the same time, I think I am cool and awesome. No, scrap that. I know I am.

I screwed my Accounts test and, even though I didn’t even prepare shit for my Statistics presentation, I got special mention by my tutor. This is getting fun, isn’t it? Management…


It seemed like it would be any normal day. Just me and my friends hanging out. There was Jessica, Deb, Lauren, and me, Logan. But Lauren had brought her friend Ethan. Ethan was… great. He was cute, smart, funny, and got alone great with the whole group. We had spent the day hanging out in…


Must Reads…………….What are we without them…………

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Thirty Books Everyone Should Read Before They’re Thirty

The Web is grand. With its fame for hosting informative, easy-to-skim textual snippets and collaborative written…


And I see the changes, taking place all around,

but not much has changed in our little town.

We still believe in the red, white, and blue,

and that a real gentleman will open the door for you.

We wake up on Sundays and head off to church.

We all know our neighbors and everybody works.


Chris is coming to get me in 1/2 an hour & I just don’t want to put clothes on ):


Meow. I feel like poopdoodoo today!!!!



Triste lagrima
revolotea en el exterior
o interior?
Solo queda la sonrisa
Robada por una flor,
La que llevara
de boca en boca
este secreto,
Del cual solo quedara
La triste distorción de la verdad,
Donde ni los minutos
Ni los segundos haran la diferencia
De que cada palabra llegue a la conciencia
de este humilde payasito,
Que te robara una sonrisa
Con el mejor espectaculo,
De una pieza teatral no estrenada
Que sera revivida por el alma de un niño.